Wroclaw University of Technology Wroclaw Teraherz Team

Our Mission

Terahertz radiation is an electromagnetic wave that have a frequency of between 100 GHz and 30 THz , it means between the infrared and microwave band of the spectrum. As seen, the introduction of the terahertz technique to our institute is a logical consequence. widmo02
 Our mission is to fulfill the "forgotten gap" in the spectrum of interest of our institute.

Terahertz wave

Characterization and applications

  • Weak photons of terahertz radiation are non-ionizing. Thus can be applied for investigations of biological specimens like DNA.
  • Chosen THz frequencies can penetrate tissue, and detect ex. cancer of breast or skin.
  • It can be used for 3D imaging of teeth, and visualize the tooth decay.
  • Because THz radiation can penetrates easy, let us say, isolators, like fabrics, plastics, paper, wood, ceramics it can be easy applied for security screening at the airport gates or in shops.
  • It is why many possible applications of terahertz waves have been proposed in imaging. Thus for manufacturing and quality control, or process monitoring.
  • Another possibility is to detect explosive materials or narcotics - aspects of public security.
  • That unique radiation is developed in THz time-domain spectroscopy providing novel information in chemistry and biochemistry.
  • It is a common belief that the future application of terahertz radiation will be in biomedicine.
  • Another potential applications are satellite communications, and high-altitude communications, short distance communication at the battle field or more sophisticated applications in millimeter and submillimeter wave astronomy.
  • It is very like, that T-ray radiation (T - like terahertz) can repeat successes of X-ray radiation.