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Our THz Story

March 2006 The inspiration to an idea of the Wroclaw Terahertz Wave was the the speech given by Rafal Wilk (graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology) - from Institute for High-Frequency Technology (IHFT) at the Carolo-Wilhelmina Technical University of Braunschweig - on March 2nd, 2006, invited by Dr. Wojciech Krzysztofik (IEEE AP/AES/MTT Polish Chapter head at our University). The speech was held in the Institute of Telecommunications, Teleinformatics & Acoustics, and the title of the lecture was: _THz: Radio-Waves or Light?_. Very intriguing!
July 2006 After many e-mails between Rafal Wilk and Edward Plinski, the last one find himself in Braunschweig on July 2nd, 2006 (delivered by a German super-fast InterCity Express).
July 2006 The frameworks of the future collaboration between Institute for High-Frequency Technology and Wroclaw University of Technology had been talked over with Prof. Martin Koch, an outstanding specialist on terahertz technique. The chance of the entertainment and implementation of the new domain of science in Poland had been considered during the hard discussion. Prof. Martin Koch suggested the most simple experiment possible to arrange in Wroclaw: a photomixer based on two 850 nm DFB lasers and LT-GaAs chips.
July 2006 The idea of the Wroclaw Terahertz Wave was finally supported one day later, on July 4th , 2006 (at the terrace of the IHFT, during the barbecue organized at the occasion of the football match between Germany and Italy) by Rafal Wilk and Radoslaw Piesiewicz (the last one was graduated from Gdansk University of Technology _ temporary IHFT, a specialist on THz communications ), who definitely convinced their much older friend to a new idea.
January 2007 Half year later, a first THz setup was installed in the Laser Lab (renamed in the mean time into a Terahertz Optoelectronics Lab) in the Institute of Telecommunications, Teleinformatics and Acoustics at the Wroclaw University of Technology The final shape of the arrangement was suggested by Dr. Markus Horstjan from a Sacher Lasertechnik (in the past, a former group member at the Prof. Frank Tittel's Group _ Houston, Texas).
March 2007 In that critical moment, it was time for Dr. Martin Mikulics (a student of professor Peter Kordos from Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava) and his technological support from Institute of Thin Films and Interfaces, Research Centre Jülich (Germany).
March 2007 We obtained a first photomixing effect in our lab together with Andrzej Grobelny, Jerzy Witkowski, Grzegorz Beziuk.

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