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Our THz Story

July 2007 A German writer, Gerhart Hauptmann, the Nobel Prize in literature 1912, wrote in his biography:
"Hungry for culture, I resumed to Breslau (now Wroclaw) where I spent a second, happier period. I attended the art academy, did sculpturing, learned what youth, hope, and beauty are, the value of friends, masters, and teachers".

We can paraphrase a bit Hauptmann's words: Hungry for knowledge, we resumed to Braunschweig, where we spent a happier week. We attended lessons during seminars organized for us by professor Martin Koch, given by him and his PhD students, we learned what knowledge is, the value of masters, teachers and friends - particularly when we met Dr. Martin Mikulics from Juelich Center for Technology. In that way, we can describe our expedition to Braunschweig in four persons: Grzegorz Beziuk, Andrzej Grobelny, Edward Plinski, and Jerzy Witkowski. A brave four was delivered to Institute for High Frequency Techniques by Grzegorz with his BMW car, called by him: sweet boomchi.
July 2007 In the mean time, our first PhD student on THz - Przemek Jarzab hungry for knowledge "learned what youth, hope, and beauty are, the value of friends, masters, and teachers" in Paris. He attended lessons in the frame of European Summer School on New Trends in Terahertz Imaging (NTTI) organized by Dr. Annick F. Degardin from Paris 6 university. The seminar was held in a nice surrounding of Paris Observatory.
July 2007 On July 15th, after fruitful visit in Braunschweig, we successfully run our terahertz system.
September 2007
Professor Robert F. Curl Jr.
Professor Robert F. Curl Jr. (the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996) from the Rice University, Houston, Texas, visited our University on September 18th and 19th (together with his wife Jonel). Professor Curl gave two lectures in the frame of a yearly Low Silesia Festival of Sciences in Wroclaw. One of his scientific interests are trace gas sensors based upon tunable THz lasers (QCL), which are being developed in collaboration with Professors: Frank K. Tittel - Rice Univ. and Federico Capasso - Harvard Univ.. (Professors Tittel and Capasso also visited our University to attend the GCL-HPL conference organized by our Chair in 2002 - Proc. SPIE 5120).
October 2007 Two our girls, Justyna Kloc and Aleksandra Malko, come to Braunschweig to continue their diploma works thanks to our agreement with Prof. Martin Koch. Nico Wieveg and Radoslaw Piesiewicz are supervisers, respectively.
October 2007 Our team is presented in newsletters at the www site of a German Terahertz Centre (Deutsches Terahertzzentrum eV): www.terahertzzentrum.de

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