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Our THz Story

May 2008 The Photonics Society of Poland (PSP) was hold its inaugural symposium on 31 May at Warsaw University of Technology. Wroclaw Terahertz Team presented their first achievements.
June 2008
Tomek, Kamil Dominik, Przemek I, and Przemek II, Wroclaw
On June 11th the next breakthrough was accomplished in our lab. The coherent detection method was successfully harnessed to our THz arrangement and a first Polish terahertz wave was realized from many optomechanical elements to fly happy up away.
January 2009 Our second PhD student on THz, Kacper Nowak, comes to Braunschweig to continue his work thanks to our agreement with Prof. Martin Koch.
March 2009Photonics Letters of Poland A new journal (PSP Photonics Letters of Poland - http://photonics.pl/PLP) appeard in our country - published by the Photonics Society of Poland and co-sponsored by SPIE. The journal covers the topical areas of optics, optoelectronics and photonics in the following aspects: fundamental and applied research, physics and technical, materials, components and devices, circuits and systems, technological and design, construction and manufacturing, and metrologic (see our paper http://photonics.pl/PLP/index.php/letters/article/view/1-10/10)
April 2009
Dr Radoslaw Piesiewicz visits our Institute.
May 2009
May 25th. Prof. Gustav Born from the Lodon University, a son of Max Born (Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics - 1954), visits Wroclaw - the place, where his famous father was born.
September 2009 A IX Symposium of Laser Techniques, Sept. 21-25, Swinoujscie, Poland (at the Baltic sea). A conference gathering a community of Polish specialists on laser techniques, technology, and photonics. The Symposium message is 50 years since a first laser in the World. A good opportunity to present Polish successes on the field. First Polish lasers Military University of Technology (Prof. Z. Puzewicz Aug. 20, 1963), Warsaw University of Technology (prof. W. Wolinski Aug. 22, 1963), Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (prof. F. Kaczmarek Oct. 3, 1963), and a first laser in Wroclaw University of Technology (prof. Z. Godzinski 1964/1965). The Institute of Electron Technology in Warsaw (prof. M. Bugajski group) presents a first Polish cascade laser (Febrary 13, 2009). Our group presents development of terahertz technique in Wroclaw.

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